Best Universities for Study Abroad in Beijing, China

China is home to one of the oldest connected civilizations in the world. Since age-old times, the country has been an apotheosis of college learning. Scholars, philosophers and travelers from about the apple had travelled to China in adjustment to access knowledge.

Even today, the country enjoys an accomplished acceptability as a centermost for college learning. In fact, China has now become the third a lot of advantaged nation of all-embracing students, afterwards the US and UK. Every year, bags of acceptance from about the apple biking to China, in accompany of college apprenticeship in the acreage of engineering, medicine, arts, business management, IT, and added subjects.

Beijing, getting the basic of China and its a lot of vibrant, all-embracing city, offers acceptance with a advanced ambit of universities to accept from. The city-limits is generally the aboriginal best of adopted acceptance who abstraction away in China. Actuality are the best universities to abstraction away at in Beijing:

1. Peking University

Established in 1898, Peking University it is one of the top universities in Asia. There are about 30 colleges in this university, which action a advanced ambit of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The university has produced some of the top political thinkers of China, including abounding accomplished presidents and baronial officials.

Programs actuality cover Anthropology, Applied Chemistry, Art Studies, Chinese Language & Literature, Computer Application, IT, and more. The capital campus of the university is anchored abreast the Summer Palace, which is a UNESCO Apple Heritage Site, and the university campus itself is beautiful, with a acceptable Chinese feel. The university aswell offers scholarships to adopted students. For added advice on the university, amuse appointment the official website.

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2. Beijing Normal University (BNU)

BNU is a 112 year old university which is actual accepted with all-embracing students. Currently there are abstraction away acceptance from added than 80 countries at BNU. The university offers a advanced ambit of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in English as able-bodied as Chinese. Some of the programs offered by BNU cover courses in the acreage of Accounting, Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Economy, Literature etc. The university aswell offers a advanced ambit of appearance to woo adopted students, including chargeless airport pickup. The university’s handbook for adopted acceptance can be begin on their website.

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3. Tsinghua University

Tsinghua is the a lot of accepted university in Beijing for college studies in engineering and technology, earning it the appellation “MIT of China”. It is anchored in the north-western suburbs of the city. For all-embracing students, the university offers scholarships as able-bodied as apprentice barter programs. The Tsinghua University has 48 departments, 12 colleges, 41 analysis centers and 35 analysis institutes.

There is a history building central the campus, which has become one of the attractions of the university. It is frequently ranked as one of the top universities in China. Currently, added than 3,500 all-embracing students, acceptance to 121 countries, abstraction in this university.

4. China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL)

CUPL is the a lot of celebrated law academy in China and is actual accepted with calm as able-bodied as adopted students. Currently, CUPL has added than 600 all-embracing students, acceptance to 14 altered countries. It has two altered campuses in Haidian and Changping, which host postgraduate and undergraduate acceptance respectively.

CUPL participates in apprentice barter programs with top all-embracing universities. The university offers a LLM affairs in Chinese Law and a doctorate affairs in English to all-embracing students. The average of apprenticeship is English for both of these programs. Abounding all-embracing abstraction away acceptance actuality are offered on-campus accommodation, for alone 1000 RMB per year.

5. Renmin University of China

Renmin University is addition university in Beijing that is accepted for its able faculty. It is absolutely accepted with across acceptance and has added than 1,000 adopted students. The university offers a array of courses in the acreage of Academics, Politics and Law, Media and Business, and more.

Some of the postgraduate programs which are offered in English cover Master of Business Administration, Master of Chinese Economy, and Master of Law. For these postgraduate programs, adopted acceptance are answerable a charge fee of 26,500 RMB per year.